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About Manoj Publication

Manoj Publications has been in the line of books for over four decades. It had its inception in 1968. That is why it is credited with a vast multi-dimensional experience of publishing. To start with, it made a name for itself in the field of novels and comics under the banner of Manoj Pocket Books and, hence, became popular with the masses. With the sole aim of not making a huge profit and not compromising with the quality in any way it lay a solid foundation for its standing in the market. It was a consolidated untiring effort and perseverance on the part of the entire family.

Then came on the scene Mr. Sawan Gupta, son of Shri Vinay Gupta, who was fired with an idea of doing something new and unique in the field of general books in 1997. He wished to introduce the concept of utmost quality at a reasonable price. Keeping in mind the ideals of hard work, dedication, devotion and farsightedness he floated Manoj Publications which saw the light of day in the same year. It was made all possible due to his long association with books. Needless to say, it was an outstanding achievement.

Manoj Publications had its beginning with the publication of religious books. It was nothing peculiar, as enshrined in Hindu religion, a new piece of work, if it is laced with religious touch, yields good results in the long run. In fine, it is no exaggeration to mention here that it was a benedictory prologue of Manoj Publications. The religious literature on less expensive paper with reasonable rates was given a new dimension and impetus by Mr. Sawan Gupta, the able, far-sighted and efficient proprietor of Manoj Publications. Good-quality printing with affordable rates was no less than a revolutionary step in the field of books. Every due attention was paid to the contents and the correct form and pronunciation of Sanskrit language. The experienced publishers long associated with books would often say – the market will head for a wrong direction. Even some dared to say – this firm (Manoj Publications) will not last long. There is no mentioning the fact that some particular and definite policies ought to be introduced before going off the beaten track. Father-son duo personality remained undeterred owing to their vast experience, determination and farsightedness. They were of the view, and are still today, that where there is utmost quality, there are its patrons as well. By the grace of the Almighty God it did happen what was to be destined. There came about a sort of revolution in the publication of religious books. These religious books proved as handy gift packs. They found due recognition in the minds of the learned as well who made them treasured part of their personalp libraries.

Next, it was the turn of the books for the common man. Each and every aspect of a book, be it cover, layout, simplicity of language, good-quality printing and binding – gave tough competition. The publishers had to think twice before publishing a piece of literature. The common man was worried how the rates complied with the good-quality books. The market had turned topsy-turvy. But Manoj Publications was as determined as ever. It came up to the expectations of its readership without disturbing the financial budget of the common man. It produced such wonderful great quality books that would be well within the reach of each and every Tom, Dick and Harry. The difference in the rates of hardback books and paperback books was tracked slowly but steadily. Only then were affordable rates fixed.

Likewise in the field of literature, Manoj Publications did some useful experiments. Its main aim was to make books appealing, educative, illustrative and readable. It cared a fig for the cost. Customers’ satisfaction in terms of general layout, readability, get-up and, above all, cheap literature, was high on its agenda. It is no less than wonder that the prominent litterateurs of Hindi literature have found a place in the list of books of Manoj Publications. Never throughout its long span of over 45 years has Manoj Publications devised its basic policies keeping in mind the distribution of books to libraries across the length and breadth of India.

The field of children’s books is no exception. Even here, Manoj Publications has outstandingly risen to the occasion and dared to provide the public with the best of literature at the rates within the pockets of the common man. It has, no doubt, adopted a down-to-earth approach. It has always striven to do something unique and new, never heard or done before. The books in front of you bear witness to this fact. In a little period of three years Manoj Publications has the rare distinction of bringing out a good many 3,000 books on various topics. In the words of Shri Vinay Gupta – customers’ satisfaction is our topmost priority. Each and every book of our firm is our life and soul.

Manoj Publication has a different activities:

Publishing: The publishing activities are handled by Manoj Publishers who are known for quality scholarly publications in the field of Novels,Jokes,General Books and Dharmik books too, with a focus on India in particular and South Asia in general. Over the years, apart from publishing well known Indian and foreign authors. We publish 800-900 original titles every year. Our office at 761. Main Road Burari New Delhi

Exports: In addition to our own publications, Manoj supplies publications from different Indian publishers on a wide variety of subjects to a large number overseas buyers -- trade, libraries and individual scholars.

Supplies to Libraries in India: We are a regular supplier of scholarly/academic books to libraries/ institutions in India. Purchase orders/want lists from institutions are welcome.

Company Strength

We have employed young sales executives with the average age not more than 25 years We have taken special care to train them in sales marketing and above all to give the best Of services to our customers

Business Statistics

We are major suppliers to almost all book sellers in Maharashtra, U.P., M.P., Rajasthan & Gujarat.

Our major selling tactics are holding exhibitions in Western & Southern region, mailing Orders and supplying books to major booksellers.